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I live in Dorset and grew up loving the landscape and all aspects of natural history in this part of the world. From a young age I learnt about the different birds, plants and insects that live in the varied habitats of the region.

From there it was only a short step to wanting to capture these images as photographs, first of all using Velvia slides and then in 2004 changing to digital as the new technology developed to the level of quality and flexibility we now take for granted. Since then travel has become a significant extension to my photography and my library has an ever growing range of both Natural History and Travel subjects.

I have held a series of exhibitions of various sections of my image library and this will continue in the future. One significant milestone for my macro photography has been the opening of the upgraded Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm, where a significant range of my tropical butterfly life cycle images were used within the interpretation panels, the Visitor Guide and the Identification sheets. It is both and entertaining and inspirational to visit the Butterfly Farm and I am proud to be associated with what has been created.

I sell quality Greetings Cards, mounted prints and canvases of my work, as well as designing and producing bespoke calendars. My images have been used in a wide range of published books and I am the photographic editor for a specialist travel book; collecting Travel images has also taken me on commissions around the UK and to other European countries.


© Survivalphotos


For those interested in the hardware side of photography, I use the Nikon system for all my work. I use the D4 for the majority of my Natural History photography in the field and a D810 provides additional support and is my camera of choice for my ongoing macro photography project. I use Nikon prime lens and the excellent Nikon zoom lens, giving me a comprehensive focal length range from 14mm to 500mm, including specialist macro lens and associated flash systems.

But most important of all, I hope you enjoy viewing the resulting images that I have selected for these galleries. Please do not hesitate to contact me on any aspect of my Natural History and Travel photography.

Best wishes.